Maddock Park New Album - Vital Love - Released for Digital Retailers

Today is a monumental day for Hungry Monster Records as we release Maddock Park's debut album "Vital Love" on all of your favorite download and streaming services.

We are all very excited about this release as it has been a personal journey for many people at Hungry Monster Records.

Follow this link provided by our digital distribution services to listen or purchase:

Maddock Park would like to take this time to reach out to fans and say the following:

Hey everyone! From playing an acoustic guitar in my room to here, thank you all so much for following and supporting me on this journey so far, it means a ton. I'm grateful to have opportunities to collaborate with an incredible team at Hungry Monster Records, and I'm excited to share this album. It's called "Vital Love", enjoy!


Special thanks to everyone involved in helping support this track: Jeff Koss (executive producer), Mannie Cutean (mixing, engineering, sonic aesthetics, drums production), Alex Castonguay (producing, lending a drum set, drums production), my AVIVA - Band bretherin Jason Rho (live electric bass) and Paul Jarosz (live drums, drums production), Amanda Lee Moilanen (producing), Gregory Reilly (mastering, vocals production), Tom Gelardi (producing, distribution), Liz Pantelis (producing), Daniel Dennis (producing), family & friends (for the love ❤)


Watch the music video for "Rebel With A Cause" here:

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