Origin:  Detroit, MI


Genres:  Speed, Groove, Tribal & European-style Metal


Years Active:  2012- Present

Short Bio

Scorch exists because of the primary songwriter’s simple desire “to make other people feel how I felt when I experienced Pantera for the first time.  Too much of today’s music is missing the emotion that made us believe in metal in the first place.  Insightful yet raw lyrics are an essential part of my songwriting,” says Russ Meuchel.  As Scorch’s visionary, vocalist and guitarist, Meuchel exhibits a passion for genuine heavy metal equaled only by the hard-hitting paragons of the genre:  Slayer, Pantera and Sepultura.

In 1998 Scorch began to kindle when Meuchel joined forces with drummer Dave Arvo.  The two original members experimented with endless recording systems, techniques and gear over many months.  “Dave and I share a musical telepathy,” says Meuchel.  It was during this time that Scorch began to turn from mere embers into scorching flames.  The original recording of their debut release “FACES” (2003) took place in Meuchel’s professional recording studio, Ember Enterprises.  The renowned Zeuss (Shadowsfall, Hatebreed, God Forbid & Unearth) finished off the mixing, allowing the production to realize its full potential. 

These days, this unique pair of 7-string guitarists and trio of drummers are comprised of Russ Meuchel (vocalist/guitarist), Dave Arvo (main kit drummer), Emilio Diaz (guitarist), Shawn Farrell (percussionist), John Noteware III (percussionist) and Nik Proper (bassist/backing vocalist). Their second release, Chambers of Conciousness was released June of 2012.


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Label: Hungry Monster Records I


Management: Jeff Koss I


Booking: Alex Castonguay I


A&R: Amanda Moilanen I